Iíve been dabbling in security for the last month or so, thought Iíd share an awesome piece of software that has quickly become invaluable: 1Password. At a glance, it seemed to be a decent solution to managing secure information, and password variations (was it penguins0, or Penguins0?), but quickly found that I could use it to create ultra-secure passwords that I would never attempt to remember; I could set up each vendor to have a unique key that is virtually impossible to compromise. Cool beans.

With this approach, I use 1Password to generate a completely random password (at the max security the vendor allows), and then throw it into 1Password, my average password might look something like this:


Thatís a beautiful string. With such a strong key, you can kiss a password breach goodbye (not to mention that each password is unique from every other password).


Now, what happens if you need to access your passwords, but youíre not on a device you own? Well, just sync your 1Password keychain with DropBox, and you can easily browse to the web interface from your DropBox account and gain access to all of your security credentials.


Coming it at $69.99, itís not exactly a no brainer, but if your looking to beef your security, and manage credentials / sensitive information Ė itís a great solution. The Pro version of the iPhone app comes in at $14.99 (which seemed a bit pricy for companion software), but overall a one-time payment of ~$100 seems like a reasonable price for incredible security.

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