Facebook: Promoted Posts

Recently I made a huge investment into my Facebook following: a $7.00 promoted post. I read a few white papers on how to best target my friends and family through social advertising, and came up with something I feel is pretty compelling.

I'm gonna type every word I know! Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.

Ron Swanson

Chairs are like Facebook

They let you relax. They let you have a conversation with someone close to you. They are comfortable, they are uniform, and they take money to use properly. Chairs are like Facebook.

By giving the option for users to promote their own posts, Facebook is taking us down the dark, dank back alleys of social networking. As opposed to transparent sharing, where my Mom rightly sees the bad decisions I just made in Las Vegas, everything must be viewed through a lens of skepticism.

In the immediate term I think this will simply leave a bad taste in the mouth of many users, however, the real danger is in the long term. If left unchecked, this kind of social interaction could degrade the core of how people interact on Facebook. How long before you have to pay for each post just to get it noticed?

Ainít no party like a Tupperware Party

My biggest problem with promoted posts is that it just doesnít feel genuine. I really canít ever see coming across one of these without wondering why my buddy just paid money to tell me that.

Itís the same feeling I would get if I walked in with a marble rye as a guest to a friends party, only to find out it was a promotional for Tupperwareís new Thatsaģ holiday collection. Gross.

The beginning of theÖ beginning

Iím actually not in the group of naysayers predicting the downfall of @finkdís empire. Perhaps itís because Iím actively engaged in building social tools for people that fills one of the only voids left by Facebook (Communities), or maybe itís just because I think distribution, and having 1/7th of all humans on your service is kind of a big deal Ė whatever the reason, I think Facebook will thrive for years to come.

Really, itís hard not to be reactive with these kinds of changes. In my own work, Iíve seen people rebel of the most mundane changes. Iím very interested to see how this concept evolves, and is managed to keep us away from the Social Ghetto.

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