Dribbble Meetup 2011

Yesterdayís @dribbble meet up was phenomenal. If you didnít come, you missed out on a KILLER time. Besides putting a face with the names of long time twitter friends, it was amazing to meet tons of new people, hear their stories, share in the excitement and passion that everyone has in our industry, and for life!

It was energizing, revitalizing, and many other kinds of izing. Iím blown away at the passion, drive, and talent that was exhibited by all who came, a small sampling into the creative design community as a whole. There arenít words to describe how incredible it was to meet such high caliber people from around the state of Utah.

We had about 50 people register to come, and were expecting a sizable portion to show. Instead, we had well over 60 people in attendance. Next time, I guarantee weíll have an even bigger crowd.

Whether you came to meet people, create contacts, or just have fun, everyone was able to enjoy the vibe, and intense enthusiasm that came from so many like-minded people sharing their love of design.

Everyone had a extraordinary time, and I canít wait until the next time we can all meet up.

PS: Next time we'll have a better camera than my iPhone :-)

Little do they know they're about to win the game ball
Mike (far right) made us some sick stickers!
60+ pro players attended
Pro player signing the game ball
Thanks to @simplebits for the stickers!
Prizes: Apple TV, Signed Game Ball from all the players, Hand-crafted Apple Keyboard / Trackpad tray, Sick T-Shirt by United Pixel Worker.
Derek Ballard won the Apple TV (from @kolage). His ticket number was 666. He declined to comment on any deals he made to win said TV.
Game Ball Winners
Keyboard / Trackpad Tray Winner
T-Shirt Winner

11 Responses to Dribbble Meetup 2011

  • It was a super great time! Can't wait for the next one!
  • So awesome! Great write up duder!
    viaEric Hoffman
  • Thanks! If anyone that attended has any more photos, please email them to me (with a caption) and I'll get them online, next time we'll have to take advantage of Anthony's mad photography skillz :-)
    viaCaleb Ogden
  • Slick write-up man. I'd forgotten about Anthony's photography skills. Though, I'm sure he'd rather be involved and interacting than stuck behind a lens all night.
    viaKurt Madsen
  • Don't worry, next time you will have the iPhone 4GS, better camera. Great time and nice meeting all of you.
    viaBlake Simkins
  • Good times were had!
  • Awesome event. Wish I'd had more time to meet everyone. Thanks for putting this together, can't wait till next time.
    viaMike Kamanski
  • Such a grat night!! I'll be sure to do warm ups so I don't lose my voice again.
    viaMatt Anderson
  • haha Matt, Your not the only one. I thought I had lost my voice on my way home. I would totally do this every month. Maybe with guess speakers.
    viaBlake Brown
  • Agree whole heartily with Blake, would LOVE to do this monthly. and would LOVE guest speakers, as well as guess speakers.
    viaNick Jarvis
  • ????? ?????.

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